Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

It’sĀ  the time of year for Thanksgiving and moving into Christmas. This is a time when gratitude shines brightly and people tend to be a littleHappy Thanksgiving 2014 more giving and sharing, and when we take time to be grateful. What are you grateful for this year? Please share in the comments below and let’s fill the world with gratitude. Then share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and every other place you share online – and then get offline and share your gratitude with others.

What does it mean to be grateful and how do we show it? Some of the obvious ways are by sharing dinner with family and friends, giving toys for a toy drive, giving to the Salvation Army pots, choosing a name from a giving tree, and perhaps even having $20 or $50 of one-dollar bills to pass out to those in need. Sometimes it means sitting in front of a fireplace, cozied up with a hot toddy, warm cider or hot chocolate and sharing stories with each other, or just spending that time alone, with or without a good book.

Some of the things for which I’m grateful: a home to protect me from the elements, a bed that keeps me off the floor, a warm blanket for those cold nights and a fan for a breeze when it’s too warm. I am grateful for friendsĀ  and family, near and far. I’m grateful for the returned smile from someone I don’t know, but for that few seconds, we share a silent “Hello.” I’m grateful for my many Facebook friends and for their loving posts; some bring tears to my eyes and some make me laugh out loud. Above all, I’m grateful for this life I’m living, for the many experiences, both painful and joyful, and for the memories I’ve made; the pictures and music in my mind, and the knowledge that I AM more than just a physical body. I am grateful for my Angels and Guides; for the love that flows through me from them and out to others. I’m grateful for my clients who reach out to those Angels for help, clarification, and comfort. I am grateful.

Whatever your life situation, I hope you can find at least one thing for which to be thankful. I would love to hear your gratitudes and thanks in the comments below as well as on my Facebook page, Pinterest, etc.

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