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You Can Freeze Avocados? Say What?

Did you know you can freeze avocados?  It’s true – you can.  I was really excited to learn it  Avocadowas possible and have tried several ways to do it over the past couple years, until I found the one that worked best for me.

The first article I saw about, the writer said that she cut the avocado in half, then snugged a baggie around each half (leaving the stone in one half) and froze them. I thought, “Whew! That takes up too much space in my small freezer!”

My next effort was to partially smash an avocado and stuff it into a snack baggie, then to sprinkle some Fruit Fresh on it. It sort of worked in that it saved space, but any portion of the avocado that the Fruit Fresh missed turned brown.

My next method, and the one I still use today, is as follows.

Cut the avocado in half and remove the stone.

Avocado halves






Clean the meat out of the shell into a bowl.

Avocado half with bowl






Smash the avocado until it’s just mush, then sprinkle on some Fruit Fresh. Mix it in really well. You want to be sure that it “touches” every part of the avocado meat – sort of like mixing sugar into a recipe. Make sure it’s well blended.

Avocado with Fruit Fresh







When it’s ready, scoop the whole mess into a snack baggie.

Avocado scooped into baggie






Close the baggie, trying to get as much air out of it as possible. Then mush the avocado around to make a nice flat packet. One avocado fits perfectly into one snack baggie.

Avocado in snack baggie







Put several snack baggies into a quart freezer baggie (or gallon size if you have that quantity).

Avocado shells and final baggies 1


Take a piece of transparent tape (Scotch tape) and write “Avocados” on it, then put that on your freezer baggie. This way, when you’re done with  that freezer baggie, you can simply remove the tape and Voila! It’s good to go for its next use!

When you’re ready to make guacamole or you want to try baking using avocado in your recipe, just grab one of your baggies from the freezer and off you go!

You can do something similar with soups – put the soup into a plastic container, label the container with your tape. Once it is frozen, remove the soup from the container and put it into a quart freezer baggie. Take your tape from the container and put it onto the baggie. Makes it easy to store – and easy to give away without having to remember to give/get your container back.