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Why Bother?


Experience the experience
I lay in bed, grasping my sides and moaning piteously in my efforts to keep from heaving my insides out even though there wasn’t anything left inside. As I lay there with a raging fever, my aching body thrashed around on perspiration soaked bedclothes, while a single thought roiled in my brain like waves crashing on the rocks below in a wintry storm: “Why bother?”

“Why bother?” The question springs up only in those times when a virulent fever ruthlessly thrusts aside every conscious thought and instead interjects outlandish hallucinations, agonized whimpers and wretched creatures of nightmare.

In other words, it doesn’t happen all that often. When it does, however, I am left drained and depleted, with only scattered images of hellish ordeals, aching and painful muscles, and the ghostly (ghastly) echoes of my own helpless moans as residua. The specter of my father, who committed suicide at an early age, arises again. “Like father, like daughter,” I think (even though he was a young man at his death and I am now more than twice his age). I wonder, yet again, “Is suicide really an option – for me?” How many times have I asked this question throughout the years? And why do I ask? Because, for me it’s all part of my most important question: Why bother? So, once again, I contemplate the idea of ending my life. How would I? Why do it, or why not? And once again, I arrive at the same conclusion that (in my mind), suicide is always an option. Will I select that option? Not today. It’s not time to end this existence. Because before I can take such an action, I need to answer this persistent and nagging question.  Why Bother?

Fever raged through my body for 72 hours, most of which were spent unconscious, at best subconscious. Eventually, things quieted and semi coherent thought carefully poked its quivering nose out, braving the storm to ask again: “Why bother?” It was, after all, the only question requiring an answer. Nothing else could be accomplished until that question was resolved. “So, Jan, let’s have a go at it, eh?”

Why bother … trying?
I reflect on my coaching career as it continues growing toward success for me and my clients.

But … what if I don’t bother? What will happen then?
Someone else will pick up the pieces and create a success for themselves and my/their clients. So … Is success really all that important?  Hmm, something to think about.

Then …

Why bother … speaking?
I think of my coaching clients and how excited I am for them when they ‘get it’ – the pride I feel for them with each step they take.

But … what if I don’t bother? What will happen then?
If I’m not around, someone else will take them in hand and help them succeed. Sooo … is it important for me to feel pride for them? Or for myself?

And what about … with relationships?
Oh, I’ve loved the many special times with family and friends.

But … what if I don’t bother?
Like George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life; I reflect that if I’m not around, it won’t really impact their lives in any meaningful way, will it. Life goes on, after all. And really, what’s the main purpose of friends and family, anyway? Is it approval, or acknowledgement, or some form of recognition – of belonging? Do I really feel a need to belong?  And if so, why?

And the ultimate question …

Why bother … living?
Now, that is the real question, isn’t it: Why bother even living?

What is so important that I should keep trying, breathing, feeling, living? Especially lying here, completely wrung out and too weak to do anything about it?

It’s funny, isn’t it, that when an intense question like that arises in our minds (at least it’s true for me) it requires thought and consideration to dredge up an answer. But there is also the awareness in that chaotic swirling, still only semi coherent process, that in reality the answer is irrelevant – it’s the question that is of ultimate importance.

“Okay, Jan, this thing needs a bit of thought organization, doesn’t it? So, thoughts, start organizing yourselves, and answer the question. ‘Cause, there’s nothing I can do, about anything, until you resolve this one thing. Unable to get myself untangled from these twisted bed clothes; no food, no shower, and still not even any energy – so just lie here a bit longer and focus, and answer the bloody question. I’m too weak to do anything but crawl to the bathroom anyway, so it’s easier to just lie here and contemplate.”

Okay: The questions.

Why should I bother continuing to grow a successful business? If I don’t do it, there are a lot of people out there who will step in and do it. So my success isn’t anything truly special, is it?

And what about my coaching clients? What will they do if I don’t bother? Already stated; there are plenty of coaches who will step up and help clients become successful. Which means I’m not really needed there.  Two down.

Why bother with relationships, of any kind? I mean life goes on, doesn’t it. People may occasionally think of me and miss me, but … is that enough reason to bother? I don’t think my life really impacts many others all that much, so why bother? What’s the point?

Now we’re down to the real question, Jan. Why bother living? If there is no ‘purpose,’ no ‘scheme of things,’ no particular goal, and nothing particular to achieve, then what IS the reason to keep on living?

My mind drifts off once more, floating in a nebulous cloud of semi-awareness and silence. No emotions, no needs, no wants. Only the comforting silence. Waiting.

Drifting, like a quiet breeze wafting in through the window, clearing the air and sweeping the fog from my still sluggish brain, words appear: “To experience the experience.”

In Conversations With God, Neale Donald Walsch wrote, and I have to paraphrase here, that there is no great or grandiose purpose, no goal, no raison d’etre for our lives. The only reason we are here, at least in my interpretation, is to experience the experience.

When I first read that book series and made that connection, I thought, “Well, that’s depressing, isn’t it!” I mean, If there is no purpose, then Why Bother at all? As I worked my way through the process and understood that my soul/sole purpose here on this earth is simply to experience the experience, and I mean every experience that I create, a sense of joy flowed through me.  My mind excitedly embraced the freedom of that thought. No longer did I have to try to live up to some unstated purpose or reach some unreachable goal. I was given the freedom to relax into each and every moment and simply experience the experience. The relief, the joy of that discovery was profound.

And slowly now my feverish brain remembered. I remembered that the reason to ‘bother’ is to ‘experience the experience.’ No need for judgment or classifying an experience. The ONLY thing I need to do is let myself BE, and like tree sap in spring, a profound joy began to fill me once again.

Gently thoughts began to glide through my mind. No need to strive, Jan. Just let yourself experience the experience. Nothing more. Of course, success is lovely. Yes, there’s a certain high with success. Yes, yes, yes. But … that didn’t seem an important enough reason to make me want to bother. But … just to experience that experience? Who would want to miss out on that?

What about relationships then? Why else but to experience the experience! How else will you or I experience love, friendship, compassion, happiness, anger, despair and delight? The only possible way to do that is through the experience itself. And ALL we have to do is to experience the experience. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s irrelevant if ANY experience could be labeled ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ make me ‘happy’ or ‘sad’ or ‘mad’ – it’s just all part of the experience – and I remember now that the only reason I am here is to experience the experience. Not to judge the experience, simply to experience the experience. The sense of freedom has my mind soaring.

The process continued; I can succeed or fail in business, do my best for my clients, build relationships, go for a walk or a cruise, skydive, swim in the ocean, sit alone and read a book, listen to music, or meditate. It really and truly doesn’t matter what I do – because my ONLY ‘job’ in this life is to experience the experience – EVERY experience. And to continually remind myself not to judge the experience, simply to experience it. To savor it. Taste it. To smell it, wrap myself up in it, luxuriate in it, and feeeel the emotions of the experience as completely and purely as possible.

To allow myself to LIVE each and every experience, as fully as I am able, and to give myself the amazing experiences of this juicy, luscious, filled-with-emotion experience called living. Even if and in those times I might experience pain.

Since I’m not ill very often, when it does happen, my mind feels ensorcelled and this recovery seems to be slow. But each time I awaken, I discover the answer is always the same, which makes sense since the question is always the same question: Why bother?

Why bother?
My answer: Because the reason I am here, in this human form, is to simply and completely experience the experiences of my life. I feel no demand to serve a greater purpose, no unreachable goal to achieve, no soaring ambition to be fulfilled. The ONLY need I have is to experience the experience – of my life, of living.

You may have different answers. Feel free to share with me in the comments below. I would love to hear from you and the discoveries you have made for your life.

If you feel a knee-jerk reaction and/or compulsion to preach at me and tell me that “finding Jesus” is the only true purpose, you need make no effort to convert me to your belief. However, I eagerly invite you to live YOUR life according to your own personal belief.  For myself, I’ve spent many long hours searching, studying, praying, meditating, thinking, and feeling, and allowing myself to arrive at my own conclusion, which is this: I am here on this earth for the soul/sole purpose of experiencing this experience of life. To allow each experience to flow over, around and through me; to wallow in it and to milk every last morsel of expression from it; to fully embrace and experience LIVING.

What do you think?

Jan Revell

April 5, 2016
Update: My brain finally cleared today sufficiently to research the symptoms of my slow and delayed recovery. Duh. Due to almost 72 hours without food or liquids, I had become severely dehydrated. Should you begin to get ill, I urge you to stock a supply of water/juice/liquids by your bedside for those times when you are aware enough to fumble around at all, and to force yourself to drink, even sips, as often as you can. You may rest assured that I will be following my own advice on this as well.

Please comment and share.

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When I Was Down And Lost

l was asked to think of a favorite quote and ended up, instead, thinking of of a time Watch the cloudswhen I was so down and so lost, so forsaken that I knew my life was over. Obviously, it wasn’t, but I’d like to share those thoughts with you today. I hope you or someone you love might find these words bring hope.


When you feel down and lost, so low that there is nothing left.
When you feel your life has no more meaning and there is nothing left for you.
When you are so low that you are in that black pit, you know the one.

That was the time I laid myself flat out on the ground and just lay there.
I lay  watching the sky and clouds,
Without thought and without feelings.
No sense of anything,
Just lay there.
Not feeling the ground at my back.
Just lying there, doing nothing,
Watching the clouds slide on by,
Changing into phantasmagoric shapes
But I didn’t see them
Watched them slide away into nothingness

I lay there, my back flat out on the ground,
And watched the sky and the clouds.
No thoughts, judgment, or criticism,
No hopes, wishes, or loss.
No feelings
Just clouds and sky sliding away into nothingness –
Like me.

Until one day,
Who knows what day
Or how long it took to get to that day,
Just one day,
That one day,
I actually saw … something

I saw shapes drifting by in the sky.
I saw colors of the sky and the clouds.
I saw changing light and changing shapes.
I saw …. something
And still I lay there with my back flat on the ground.

And then one day,
Who knows what day or how long it took to get to that day,
Just one day, that one day
A thought floated through,
Was it in the clouds, on the air?
Just a single thought
But it was a thought that carried with it the beat of my heart
A thought that caused a movement
A stir in my body –
Just a small,
Tiny movement …
But movement

And that thought, the thought that changed my life,
The thought that woke me from the pit,
The thought that gave me life
Was this

When I am so low
When I have nothing and no one,
When I am forsaken by others,
Forsaken by myself as well,
As I lie here on the ground
Because there is no place and nothing

The ONLY thing left,
The ONLY thing for me to do,
The ONLY way for me to go

is up.

And I stood, slowly,
And slowly I walked, And eventually, I lived.

Jan Revell 12/23/2014


Jan’s Talk on Forgiveness

Mom & Jan in New Orleans at Cafe du Mond
Mom & Jan in New Orleans at Cafe du Mond

When I was asked to speak about forgiveness for today’s service, I said, “Sure!” thinking to myself “I’ve worked with that concept, that feeling, that idea. I’ve had to learn it before.” Of course, since those lessons were in the past, they have taken on a somewhat depersonalized air, and I can even feel a little sense of superiority in my ego mind. “I’ve learned to do that,” says I.

As I hung up the phone from that conversation, mom asked, “Who was that?” I told her it was Pam and she wanted me to speak for a few minutes on forgiveness on Sunday. “Oh!” she said eagerly. “Where did I put that paper? Our minister spoke about that recently.” My immediate reaction was, “Oh great! Now I’ll have to listen to the ‘right’ way to go about forgiving – or perhaps that I need forgiveness for my words, actions, sins.” Mom didn’t find that paper, but she did stare at me intently and say, “I hope you and your brother can forgive each other.”

Yes, well. I’ve been trying to work with that one myself over the past month or so.

Recently, my brother told me to call him if I want to give him updates, tell him something about mom’s health and well being, her needs, my concerns with her, etc., and not to use email. “My computer is for MY convenience,” he arrogantly stated. I informed him that email is for MY convenience and I really don’t care about his convenience. He doesn’t live here, he doesn’t go to the doctor with her, he doesn’t see her confusion by day, or have to call 911 by night when her sugar drops and she collapses. He doesn’t listen to be sure she is breathing at night – or even in the daytime when she naps, or watch her wobble about on unsteady feet, or worry about her – nor does he see fit to contribute financially in any way to her well being. Yet *I* should concern myself with his convenience. My anger and resentment reared up like a raging dragon and I slammed the phone down. Nostrils flaring, flames shooting out of my eyes, I stomped around the house and roared. “That jerk! Him and his holier than thou attitude, his “my way or the highway” almightiness. His Little Lord Fauntleroyness.

But who gets so upset?                                   Me.
And Whose stomach is in knots?                    Mine.
And Whose head aches from the anger?        Mine.
And Who is the one causing distress to the very atmosphere in our home?      Me.

Isn’t it interesting that the one most impacted by this anger, resentment, and hurt, this protectiveness toward mom – is me! And who do I hand over the controls to my life through this anger and resentment? To HIM! The very person with whom I am angry!

Internet sources define Forgiveness as follows.

  • compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive
  • the act of excusing a mistake or offense (wordnet.princeton.edu/perl/webwn)
  • Forgiveness is the mental and/or spiritual process of ceasing to feel resentment, indignation or anger against another person for a perceived offense, difference or mistake, or ceasing to demand punishment or restitution.  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forgiveness
  • The one I like the best – Forgiveness is a choice the forgiver makes to let go of resentment held in the forgiver’s mind of a perceived wrong or difference, either actual or imagined. …


Yoga teachers Joel Kramer and Diana Alstead assert that faith-based ideals of forgiveness, while appearing selfless, contain implicit selfish aspects. They state that “when forgiving contains a moral component, there is moral superiority in the act itself that can allow one to feel virtuous.” They ask: “As long as one is judging the other lacking, how much letting go can there be?” They note that “Where the virtue in ‘moralistic foregiving’ lies is also complicated by the fact that it is often unclear who benefits more from it, the one doing the forgiving or the one being forgiven.” Not surprisingly, they note “that for many people, forgiving is an area of confusion intellectually.

Some years ago, through various teachings and readings, I determined the best way for me to deal with and understand forgiveness was in terms of reincarnation, which teaches that it’s the emotional impact of a situation that determines whether we have learned a lesson and can “let go” (of the baggage) and move on or not. I had to learn to Let. Go. of the intense emotion – essentially neutralizing that passionate reaction – in order to “let it go” – to forgive. I had to neutralize the emotional grip so that *I* could move on. I learned that we tend to repeat lessons until we have learned them. You have probably had similar experiences – where you go through a situation over and over again – until you “get it.” Different people, different place, same situation. Did you “get it” this time? I got pretty bored with going through the same things over and over again, so decided if I had to spend my life learning lessons, at least I could try for variety! Learn this one now – then Move ON! Get something different going on!

The biggest factor for me was learning how to let go of – to neutralize – the passion, the consuming emotion in a situation. Because that emotion – or attachment – is what holds us to that particular lesson. By learning to let go – to forgive – I have the chance to get out of boring and into a different lesson!

Yes, I’ve done a lot of letting go in my life – and had quite a variety of “lessons,” but this recurrent, this once again current – lesson is with relationships. For some reason, it seems relationships within a family are more challenging than many other kinds, perhaps because we form them at a very young (and impressionable) age, so they tend to be more cellularly intertwined than later relationships.

So, how do I forgive my brother’s arrogance, pigheadedness, lack of respect and care for my mother, and all those other judgmental comments I have about him? Of course, I am nothing like him. I’m not arrogant, pigheaded, stubborn, or any of those negative things, right? Ha! And even if so – self righteousness raises its ugly head and proclaims, “Of course, I’m right.” And “God is on my side!”

All of which is moot. And who cares anyway? What I DO care about is letting go of these fierce emotions that cause me distress and result in wasted time, wasted effort, and leave me with a blistering headache. I refuse to allow this to continue. It intrudes in my daily life, upsets my stomach and just flat out makes me sick.

The other day, I had a realization – there is a possibility my brother is afraid. He is a scared little boy who doesn’t know how to handle his fear in any way other than to bluster and bluff.

When he visits mom, it’s Little Lord Fauntleroy visits Princess Daisy. They preen and fawn over each other, flirt and laugh, and they fulfill an emotional need. He has always been “Mama’s little boy” – “hanging on mama’s apron strings.” He needs her approval and love. She needs his adoration and love. And they are happy together – because they meet each other’s need. When the visit is over and each goes their separate way, they are fulfilled and sated for a time. Mom’s cheeks are rosier after their visit, and she wears a smile – until real life intrudes again – in the form of a daughter who has become the parent. It’s quite sad, really, but there it is.

So, how do I forgive this arrogant Prince who has my mother’s love and adoration? How do I let go of my anger and resentment?

While living at a distance, I could easily say, “Mom prefers Bruce; and he needs her. Let them take care of each other. They don’t want or need me in the picture.” I was correct – then. And for my brother, that is still true. He would prefer I was not in the picture. But he also wants to continue to think of his mother as “always there” and, sadly, younger and healthier than she is. When she dies, I will have tears but few regrets. I am here, not just doing my daughterly duty, but learning to live in relationship with my mother as an adult and in ways we never imagined would be necessary. I am at peace with my mother’s passing. My mother’s son, on the other hand, continues to live his life in denial of his precious mother’s mortality. The shock and regrets he will face are more than I ever want to bear, and I pity him. By trying to control me, he perhaps feels he can control mom’s living. He can then blame me for her death because I’m the one who is here – and he will just be a man (or little boy) bereft – lost at sea with no one there to save him.

As you can see, part of my process for learning to “forgive” – to let go of the emotional baggage I carry around this relationship – is to try and understand the root cause of HIS anger and resentment toward me. Perhaps, if I understand his fears better, I will be able to have those “compassionate feelings that support a willingness to forgive.”

Perhaps, with some understanding, I might be ready to make that choice to let go of resentment held in my mind of a perceived wrong or difference, either actual or imagined. …      I hope so.

Studies show that people who forgive are happier and healthier than those who hold resentments. I have also found this to be true. However, I also know that letting go (forgiving) does not necessarily mean liking the person or even having anything to do with them. My letting go of anger and resentment toward my mother’s son does not mean I have to like him – or have any contact with him. Letting go – or forgivness – neutralizes the passion and consuming nature of anger – but friendship does not necessarily follow.

I have also realized that forgiveness, or letting go of the emotional baggage, is a selfish act. It really has little to do with the other person, but it accomplishes several things for me, the most important of which is making it possible for me to live a joy-filled life

My goal is to learn to forgive – to let go of those fierce emotions – and when that is accomplished, I can channel that passion, that wonderful energy into positive and perfect solutions for my life.

This talk was given at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Charlotte County in Port Charlotte FL on October 5, 2008.


I found this “talk” today while looking through files. While reading it, I realized that my goal of forgiveness/letting go toward my birth brother has been achieved. Since our mother’s death, we had contact regarding her gravestone; however, once that was accomplished, there has been no further contact. It was clear that my mother was the single reason for any relationship between us.

While reading through this document, I focused on my feelings and thoughts, and found no emotion around this situation or the man who was born as “my brother.” Interestingly, I was shown a photo of him recently and discovered no emotion at all in seeing him – he is simply a stranger whose face I happen to recognize.

Letting go of those fierce emotions has resulted in a life journey I could not have anticipated when this missive was written!

If you are working on “forgiveness” in your life, I encourage you to focus on it for however long it takes to accomplish that goal. Find someone who has been on the journey to assist you as you take the steps and who will walk with you along the way. As you let go of the fierce emotions, with compassion for yourself, carry with you the awareness that miracles are waiting for you, just on the other side of that fierce emotional wall.


Angelic Christmas Message

Archangel photo
Photo courtesy L.L Warren

Jan:  What can I do to help the situation in the US and the world? Statistics today show that 48% of all Americans are at or below the poverty level today. Europe and the rest of the world are in similar trouble.

Angelic Response:   You are to focus on the transformation. This is the time when hatreds, frustrations, anger, and fear will be strong and will separate the world. The world is now manifesting all the fears of peoples globally – who have created your own world. This is the time foretold in multiple cultures, and you are one of those who will lead people into the new light.

It is now up to those who have awakened to continue the work of awakening, themselves and others who are yearning to awaken.

Now is the time to create your new world; the world of light, of cooperation and collaboration, the world of Love. You are to continue your work as a voice for angels, but not just continue. It is time for you to broadcast our words to the world. Other voices are there and yours will join theirs to bring a new order of peacefulness to this troubled earth.

Transformation is required – of everyone. The work is to transform all anger, fear, hatred; all emotions that cause you to feel sad, depressed or helpless – and transform them into joy. The time is upon humankind to take whatever steps are required to awaken into Love. You have the choice: continue in the current way of being which will destroy your earth, or awaken into Love and create a new world.

For some, this will mean living in or close to nature where you will shepherd the earth and take care of her creatures – all creatures, not just a few. You will recreate healthy planting and gardening to feed each other when the soils and plants have been poisoned. You will discover and create/recreate positive ways to energize your lives and your homes without destruction to the earth. You have this knowledge and ability right now to do so.

For some, it will mean teaching those who are awakening. It is incumbent on you who are the lders in Spirit to train and encourage those who are following in your path(s). It does not mean you have the only answer, for there are many answers that all lead to Spirit.

Your assignment is to teach what you know to those who will listen, and to encourage them to learn from others as well. Remember to be humble and to recognize and acknowledge the God in every person. Remember to encourage those who trust you to grow into their own Self; that you are but one of the many teachers and they who seek have the responsibility to be true seekers and to learn their own truth. For there is not “one truth” but many, and all truths are beautiful.

You may call your spiritual practice a discipline, for working into Spirit is a discipline. There are practices you can offer that will help the young in Spirit to grow; these practices are, in fact, a discipline. Whatever you focus upon; wherever you place your attention and spend your time becomes a discipline. This is a beautiful word – discipline – for it is the recognition that you care, that you are willing to do the work required to reach your goal. All spiritual disciplines include physical, mental, emotional and soul practices. These practices are what you will teach to those who are willing and ready to learn.

As an Elder, you are one of those who will train the upcoming leaders so they can go out and do their work; both those who have the ability to pay monetarily and those who do not have money, for every person has something of value to exchange with another. One of the Universal Laws relates to the exchange of energies. As you are living in Spirit, it is important to remember these laws and to respect them. Integrity is vital in this respect; for those with monetary resources, it is important they pay with money. For those who do not have the resources to pay monies, it is up to them to offer a fair energy exchange.

You are concerned for those who are at or below the poverty level? They must be responsible for their choices. That means they have the choice to grow into Love or continue to live in fear, resentment and anger. Poverty hurts, there is no doubt about it. It is vital for all to remember that poverty truly is a state of being – and each individual has the ability and opportunity to change their state of being at any time. It is not magical or wishful thinking but it IS developing a spiritual discipline. There are those who live at this poverty level for the Soul purpose of being able to connect with and reach others who are in similar circumstances – in order to grow together and create a new world together. There are those in this situation who are ready to stand up and become leaders, and your job is to be there to help them when they are ready.

To you who are Elders, our message is urgent and critical. The time is NOW for you to clear your emotions and become Clear In Spirit. Now is the time for you to step forth in the faith that we are here; we stand with you in your work, for this is the work you were born to do. No longer is it “okay” for you to hide, to make yourself invisible, to be coy or shy. Today, NOW, it is time for you to shed those last remaining fears and insecurities. We urge you to do this work in your own self quickly as you are needed – right now. But you must be clear within yourself – be free of fear that you may have the courage to teach those who follow how to live free of fear, for this is what it will take to create this new world that is coming.

The Transformation is in process.

Elders: Are you prepared to step up to your rightful place as a leader? Are you willing to train those who are coming into their own roles as leaders?

Leaders: To those who are “on your path” and who are ready to grow fully into your True Self, now is the time to find the Elders and begin working with them for it is your path to become the leader you are meant to be. Time is critical. You have been spinning your wheels long enough; the Elders are here and it is time for you to invest in your True Self. You spend your time, your money, your energies on things that bring you little or no satisfaction. Take that time, money and energy and invest it in your True Self. We urge you to do this now. Do not wait any longer.

Seekers: To those who are yearning and who don’t know your direction yet, we encourage you. We love you and we are delighted that you are awakening! Now is the time for you – this is the time you have been waiting for. There is no time to waste – face your fear; then walk hand in hand with it to the Leader or Elder to whom you are drawn. Do not bind yourself to anyone for years and years; rather learn from many for all have something to teach you. And when you are ready, you will find yourself teaching others, for this is the work you have been called to do. We urge you – do not wait any longer.

Payment: Some of what we will say here may seem elementary; however, we want this to be clear. The Exchange of Energies is a Universal Law. If you will participate in creating this new world, it is vital to honor and respect these laws. These are not man-made laws and you will not go to jail for “breaking a law.” You do, however, create your own world each and every moment of each and every day. What will your world look like?  Now, here are two simple guidelines relating to payment to Elders and Leaders.

For those who have monetary resources: When you have the financial ability to do so, it is important that you value highly your Self and those who train you. Do not bargain, do not whine, do not cower. Stand tall and become who you are truly meant to be. Energy exchange is required of all, and when you have the ability to pay monetarily, it is important that you honor that ability and invest in your role in this new creation.

For those who are living at and below poverty level who are ready to grow into your Self, it is vital that you search inside yourself to find all the skills and talents you have that someone else might find useful. Whether you have ever held a job or not, you have many talents and skills – things you take for granted are things others want and need. Make a list and keep adding to it. Be truthful – make sure that a skill or talent you list is something you do really well. Integrity is vital as you create this list, because these are the items of value that you have to offer as exchange to a Leader or Elder. Value your own talents and be absolutely certain to honor the value coming to you through all training you will receive.

We are here to encourage you and guide you when you ask. We are here to show you Love. And we are here with delight and awe at the courage you show by stepping into your role as a spiritual Elder, Leader, Seeker and Pathfinder for those who follow and who will need your guidance.

Know this, You Are Loved.

This message is sent to you from the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Metatron, as well as others who join us in celebration of this Great Awakening.

Photo courtesy L.L. Warren; @SheWolf, http://on.fb.me/urGlPm (Facebook)