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House Sitting At The Beach

Siletz Bay (Lincoln City, Oregon) photoOkay, so I found a house sitting gig in Lincoln City, Oregon. It’s not on the beach but still, it’s at the coast, right? The place is home to three guys – which means there is hardly anything to use; cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, and lots more. The father, Ricardo, works for NOAA and is gone for several months at a time. He works on a ship in Alaska with a bunch of scientists. They go to specific areas (including the Bering Sea) to count pollock as the world depends on this fish (something I was not aware of before this). His son and nephew live at the house here, although the nephew is rarely around, except to sleep, shower, and head out. The son, Eddie, is 20. Although he  has some quirks and needs someone here,  he’s a really interesting and intelligent guy. I’m enjoying getting to know him.

There has been a lot of household stuff to do; like get supplies, clean, organize (mostly the kitchen), etc., and I’m now finally back online! And also finally have this place  into more comfortable livability – yay! Yesterday, however, was a challenge. On Saturday, after washing a BUNCH of pots and pans, I looked under the sink for something and discovered water gushing everywhere. Gasp! Of course, there is no one available on a Sat evening, and no one on Sunday either. So yesterday morning, I was delighted to welcome the contractor – who was a genius! He fixed that issue – whoever had installed the dishwasher (which I was not using) hadn’t put any clamps on the hose – so the one time I used it earlier last week – well, you get the idea. Who installs a dishwasher and doesn’t use clamps for the hose?

Anyway, David also fixed the kitchen faucet, which had been installed incorrectly (same person as the one who did the dishwasher?). AND, he fixed some kitchen drawers that weren’t functional! Woohoo! Kitchen functional. Except … in this house, the washer and dryer are also in the kitchen. So, I threw the sopping towels that I’d used under the sink into the washer – which suddenly stopped working at all. After researching it on the web, I found that the filter needed to be cleaned (at least every 2 months). Okay, no problem, right? Wrong!

So I pull out the little drain hose to drain the water before uncorking the filter basket – to no avail. I tried everything I could to get that sucker open – no deal. Finally, I decided to just try the filter basket and, of course, water began gushing out. Stopped that up and then found that there was a large pedestal drawer under the washer that was empty – yay! Extra work, but hey – at least I could get to that filter, which was disgusting! It had not only lint but included tape, labels, pine needles, etc. Not surprising that poor machine couldn’t drain!

Of course, the pedestal drawer was half full of water (lucky it was only half full) that had me bailing empty. Plus more towels, of which there are only a few, getting sopping wet from all the water that missed the drawer. But the filter was clean, reinstalled and the washer was once again happy. Before the next time, I’m going to have to figure out how to get that drain hose apart!

Turns out that the landlady, who lived in this house for 10 years, had NEVER cleaned the filter basket! I’m surprised it took this long for it to clog up, but with three guys doing laundry, and now me in the mix, I guess it was time. The internet sites say to clean it every 2-4 weeks, not months as it says on the machine. I’ll be fixing that darned hose and cleaning that filter, for sure!

So now, things are in order around here and I’m back online! Woohoo!

UPDATE:  The evening after writing this, my young charge did a laundry – his sheets, so a normal load. I heard some noises in the kitchen so went to check and stepped into 2″ of water! It turns out that the drain hose blew right out of the wall, spewing water everywhere! Poor guy saw the water and knew it would have to be cleaned up so took himself for a walk to the local IGA (closest grocery store to the house) and purchased a mop. He was busily mopping the water out the sliding glass door when I arrived.

An appliance person, Louis of Leppe Appliance here in Lincoln City, arrived the following day and worked his wonders; fixing the drainage hose and also getting that blasted cap of the small drainage hose by the filter basket. That bloody thing is so tight even he had trouble getting it loosened, so I’ll probably have to ask one of the boys to do it for me next time. We’ll see.

Then that marvelous man took the oven door apart for me so I could clean two long streaks of something that somehow ended up between the layers of glass. They were making me a bit crazy as I kept trying to clean the door, inside and out, to no avail. Now that oven door is sparkling clean – yay!

If you live in this area and need any appliance help, Louis is not only efficient but a delight to have around! Too young for me, darn it! 🙂

Hopefully, this is the end of the flooding around here. I hope your house misses this adventure!