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Bernie Sanders & The Two Dwarves

Bernie Sanders photoThis is one of the most challenging, exciting, and scary presidential campaigns I have experienced – in my lifetime! Perhaps that sounds dramatic, but it’s true. For many years, I never even voted – I was one who insisted “My vote doesn’t count anyway.” That didn’t really change until 2008 when I, like thousands of others, had had enough of the Bush machine and wanted “Hope” and “Change.”

Many of us were disappointed that President Obama was either unable or unwilling to make ALL the changes he promised he would make, but then – a Republican Congress vowed they would say “NO” to everything and anything that President Obama put forth. Which means, despite being disappointed, I am encouraged and impressed with what he WAS able to accomplish in his two terms. And I, along with thousands of others, agree that he is a remarkable man and President.Bern It Up

And now comes a time that is really kind of unbelievable. It is almost a ‘reincarnation’ of Martin Luther King’s dream – and I am honored, excited, and terrified to be alive and able to participate in this election process. My belief is that this is one of the, if not THE most important election this country has ever held. The future of America stands on the brink of New Life or extinction based on the results of this election.

In case you hadn’t already figured it out, I am a staunch Bernie Sanders fan. I’m in the last part of my life  – neither a Boomer nor a Millenial, but an Oldster. And like others my age, we have seen the results of the Holocaust, of Nazi Germany, of WWII, all the more  recent wars, and the ups and downs of this country. And we stand firm with Senator Sanders. He is the only one who has the possibility of bringing this country anywhere even close to “The American Dream” – the dream of equality, of water for everyone, of non-GMO foods, of a healthy and vibrant America.

Not Me USI urge you to choose love, not hate, in this season of high tensions and challenges. Rather than bad mouthing Trump and Clinton, put your energies into promoting Bernie Sanders. Choose to talk positively about him and let the chips fall where they may for “The Two Dwarves.” We don’t have to rail against them anymore – there is already a strong movement to disown them, along with Debbie Wasserman-Shultz. The DNC is falling apart, thanks to Hillary and Debbie, and the GOP has given up the reins to Trump. He has now named Sarah Palin as his VP – something that contributed greatly to the downfall of John McCain – and that will do the same for Trump. Personally, I think he is doing everything he can to not get elected – he doesn’t really want the presidency and was just doing it ‘for a lark’ – and now has been pressured into it and can’t find his way out. So he will continue to do and say rather stupid things in his attempts to lose this election. See? We don’t need to waste our time or energy on Clinton or Trump – they are handing the election to Bernie with every word they speak and every one of their actions.

What we NEED to do is to focus on getting Bernie Sanders elected. Get him nominated and then elected. Focus on the high road. When you want to spit poison at someone you oppose, think “What Would Bernie Do?” – and you know very well he chooses love over hate – so let’s us do the same.

Let’s choose love – and work to get Bernie Sanders as our next President of the United Bird on SignStates.