My phone and the Laundry Chute

So… I finally got moved (It onhtc phone photoly took two carloads, which is nice). I’m house sitting for some lovely people who are headed to AZ for the winter; so I’ll be here through March.

One of the MAJOR points we forgot to discuss was the password to their wifi, so I texted them to ask. No idea. Finally, she called the company and had my name added so they would talk to me. I called. “We can’t access the password unless we know the name of the modem.” WHAT? The modem is in her office, which she locked (didn’t want me to see the mess). This is NOT going to be good. So, I call her and ask if there is any way for me to get into that room. She told me there is a key in the closet in the hall, “you know, the one with the laundry chute.”  No, I had no idea, so she had to talk me through the house to find this closet. Then, she says, “lift the shelf on the left and it’s under the shelf” – sure enough, there was the key! Yay!

Then, where is the modem? It’s under the desk (of course). I crawl under the desk and verify – not enough light and I need an extra set of glasses – the ones hanging around my neck aren’t strong enough. Go search through luggage to locate glasses. Back in the office, thankfully, the cord to the modem was long enough so I could sit on the desk chair and not have to get down on the floor again! And the desk lamp cord is long enough to allow me to move the lamp to the front of the desk. Yay! And, there’s the modem name and password, and it works, hooray!!

I left the office and locked it, of course, making sure I had the key in my hand, just in case. While lifting the shelf to replace the key in its place, my phone slipped out of my hand, bounced on the closet floor and slid neatly into the laundry chute! Crap!

But … Where does the laundry chute come out?

I hightailed it downstairs and into the laundry room. No obvious laundry chute. The only possibility I can see is a cupboard, but it seemed to be locked. I thought “another locked door” and kept looking – all over the basement – many rooms, no laundry chute. Where in the heck is it? It has to be down here .. somewhere.  And I can’t call the homeowner because my phone is in the laundry chute!!

Giving up, I go back upstairs to find my trusty flashlight, then get on my hands and knees to peer into the laundry chute (it’s in the floor of the closet) and sure enough, there was my phone with some laundry. From up here, I see a sliver of light and realize that the deposit location is, indeed, in that cupboard. Once more downstairs to the laundry room and YANK on those doors – which opened to reveal laundry AND my phone. Such a relief it is!

Okay, you may laugh now!

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