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  1. listen to show was interesting but wasnt sure what typ of questions you would answer,me i would want to know do you see my music leading to a carrer and who is around me these are connected,when im practicing on my guitar i regually feel someone touch my hand tap me on my cheek call my name,it also feels when im playing like i have done this before,it also feels at times like someone trying to guide my hand,most recently heard a sweet female voice say hello 2 times .know someone trying to tell me something,my music seems to be the focus i have been playing for just a year and a half.had a overpowering need to buy the guitar and learn to play it,on feb 14 2010 ,had on that day what i would have to call a rebirth.rich m currently living in mondovi wi

  2. Hello Rich,
    All questions are welcome, as long as they relate to the topic for that program. You have asked this question on several sites and several radio programs, and you have also been given many of the same answers, which I will repeat here: Allow yourself to play the guitar. Take lessons in order to improve more quickly. Listen to your guidance; you obviously have that. Keep learning technique so you can play at the level you want to play and that you are being guided to play. Stop questioning it and allow yourself to believe! Believe in yourself, your passion and your guidance. And play!

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