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Are You Truly Living In The Present?

Discovery of today: On my way to celebrate a friend’s anniversary, I realized that the only times I have been here now, totally present in the moment, have been times of being involved in some wonderful conversations.

Another such time was the winter I spent in a log cabin in the mountains of WA that my partner and I had built. I was alone with a dog and cat (a proven mouser) for that winter; melting snow for water (all water), doing medical transcription via 28-baud modem for a company in Utah, cutting and splitting wood for heat, shoveling steps into the snow to get from the car to the cabin; there I was present every moment.

Throughout the rest of my life, however, in my “everyday life,” whether employed, unemployed, vacationing, working – regardless – I cannot recall being totally present in the moment. Rather, it has been planning: what to do next to improve my income, or where to move, or … or…. or. Never a time of being able to say, every day, no matter what I was doing,”I AM here. I am present. I AM embracing my life in this moment, in every moment of every day.”

When I mentioned that to a couple people at the festivities today, their response was, “I KNOW!” I was stunned as I thought it was just me who was remiss in this. Abraham-Hicks came to mind (obviously) and I now have a glimpse of some of what they are sharing about being present; changing my belief, my moment. So it is with clear intent that I AM resting in the moment and totally enjoying it – no matter how rich or poor, no matter my health, no matter what. I AM committed to living in the moment, every moment, for the rest of my life.

What is your story about this?

Meditations And Visualizations

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Photo for Going Into The Void
Going Into The Void


 Going Into The Void Visualization

Graphic of singing frogs
Spring Frog Song!



Spring Frog Song!


Meet Your Sprit Guide graphic
Meet Your Spirit Guide


Meet Your Spirit Guide








Angelic Christmas Message

Archangel photo
Photo courtesy L.L Warren

Jan:  What can I do to help the situation in the US and the world? Statistics today show that 48% of all Americans are at or below the poverty level today. Europe and the rest of the world are in similar trouble.

Angelic Response:   You are to focus on the transformation. This is the time when hatreds, frustrations, anger, and fear will be strong and will separate the world. The world is now manifesting all the fears of peoples globally – who have created your own world. This is the time foretold in multiple cultures, and you are one of those who will lead people into the new light.

It is now up to those who have awakened to continue the work of awakening, themselves and others who are yearning to awaken.

Now is the time to create your new world; the world of light, of cooperation and collaboration, the world of Love. You are to continue your work as a voice for angels, but not just continue. It is time for you to broadcast our words to the world. Other voices are there and yours will join theirs to bring a new order of peacefulness to this troubled earth.

Transformation is required – of everyone. The work is to transform all anger, fear, hatred; all emotions that cause you to feel sad, depressed or helpless – and transform them into joy. The time is upon humankind to take whatever steps are required to awaken into Love. You have the choice: continue in the current way of being which will destroy your earth, or awaken into Love and create a new world.

For some, this will mean living in or close to nature where you will shepherd the earth and take care of her creatures – all creatures, not just a few. You will recreate healthy planting and gardening to feed each other when the soils and plants have been poisoned. You will discover and create/recreate positive ways to energize your lives and your homes without destruction to the earth. You have this knowledge and ability right now to do so.

For some, it will mean teaching those who are awakening. It is incumbent on you who are the lders in Spirit to train and encourage those who are following in your path(s). It does not mean you have the only answer, for there are many answers that all lead to Spirit.

Your assignment is to teach what you know to those who will listen, and to encourage them to learn from others as well. Remember to be humble and to recognize and acknowledge the God in every person. Remember to encourage those who trust you to grow into their own Self; that you are but one of the many teachers and they who seek have the responsibility to be true seekers and to learn their own truth. For there is not “one truth” but many, and all truths are beautiful.

You may call your spiritual practice a discipline, for working into Spirit is a discipline. There are practices you can offer that will help the young in Spirit to grow; these practices are, in fact, a discipline. Whatever you focus upon; wherever you place your attention and spend your time becomes a discipline. This is a beautiful word – discipline – for it is the recognition that you care, that you are willing to do the work required to reach your goal. All spiritual disciplines include physical, mental, emotional and soul practices. These practices are what you will teach to those who are willing and ready to learn.

As an Elder, you are one of those who will train the upcoming leaders so they can go out and do their work; both those who have the ability to pay monetarily and those who do not have money, for every person has something of value to exchange with another. One of the Universal Laws relates to the exchange of energies. As you are living in Spirit, it is important to remember these laws and to respect them. Integrity is vital in this respect; for those with monetary resources, it is important they pay with money. For those who do not have the resources to pay monies, it is up to them to offer a fair energy exchange.

You are concerned for those who are at or below the poverty level? They must be responsible for their choices. That means they have the choice to grow into Love or continue to live in fear, resentment and anger. Poverty hurts, there is no doubt about it. It is vital for all to remember that poverty truly is a state of being – and each individual has the ability and opportunity to change their state of being at any time. It is not magical or wishful thinking but it IS developing a spiritual discipline. There are those who live at this poverty level for the Soul purpose of being able to connect with and reach others who are in similar circumstances – in order to grow together and create a new world together. There are those in this situation who are ready to stand up and become leaders, and your job is to be there to help them when they are ready.

To you who are Elders, our message is urgent and critical. The time is NOW for you to clear your emotions and become Clear In Spirit. Now is the time for you to step forth in the faith that we are here; we stand with you in your work, for this is the work you were born to do. No longer is it “okay” for you to hide, to make yourself invisible, to be coy or shy. Today, NOW, it is time for you to shed those last remaining fears and insecurities. We urge you to do this work in your own self quickly as you are needed – right now. But you must be clear within yourself – be free of fear that you may have the courage to teach those who follow how to live free of fear, for this is what it will take to create this new world that is coming.

The Transformation is in process.

Elders: Are you prepared to step up to your rightful place as a leader? Are you willing to train those who are coming into their own roles as leaders?

Leaders: To those who are “on your path” and who are ready to grow fully into your True Self, now is the time to find the Elders and begin working with them for it is your path to become the leader you are meant to be. Time is critical. You have been spinning your wheels long enough; the Elders are here and it is time for you to invest in your True Self. You spend your time, your money, your energies on things that bring you little or no satisfaction. Take that time, money and energy and invest it in your True Self. We urge you to do this now. Do not wait any longer.

Seekers: To those who are yearning and who don’t know your direction yet, we encourage you. We love you and we are delighted that you are awakening! Now is the time for you – this is the time you have been waiting for. There is no time to waste – face your fear; then walk hand in hand with it to the Leader or Elder to whom you are drawn. Do not bind yourself to anyone for years and years; rather learn from many for all have something to teach you. And when you are ready, you will find yourself teaching others, for this is the work you have been called to do. We urge you – do not wait any longer.

Payment: Some of what we will say here may seem elementary; however, we want this to be clear. The Exchange of Energies is a Universal Law. If you will participate in creating this new world, it is vital to honor and respect these laws. These are not man-made laws and you will not go to jail for “breaking a law.” You do, however, create your own world each and every moment of each and every day. What will your world look like?  Now, here are two simple guidelines relating to payment to Elders and Leaders.

For those who have monetary resources: When you have the financial ability to do so, it is important that you value highly your Self and those who train you. Do not bargain, do not whine, do not cower. Stand tall and become who you are truly meant to be. Energy exchange is required of all, and when you have the ability to pay monetarily, it is important that you honor that ability and invest in your role in this new creation.

For those who are living at and below poverty level who are ready to grow into your Self, it is vital that you search inside yourself to find all the skills and talents you have that someone else might find useful. Whether you have ever held a job or not, you have many talents and skills – things you take for granted are things others want and need. Make a list and keep adding to it. Be truthful – make sure that a skill or talent you list is something you do really well. Integrity is vital as you create this list, because these are the items of value that you have to offer as exchange to a Leader or Elder. Value your own talents and be absolutely certain to honor the value coming to you through all training you will receive.

We are here to encourage you and guide you when you ask. We are here to show you Love. And we are here with delight and awe at the courage you show by stepping into your role as a spiritual Elder, Leader, Seeker and Pathfinder for those who follow and who will need your guidance.

Know this, You Are Loved.

This message is sent to you from the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Metatron, as well as others who join us in celebration of this Great Awakening.

Photo courtesy L.L. Warren; @SheWolf, (Facebook)

Angelic Guidance Programs

Angel Guidance graphic

Angel Readings

Receive messages beyond what you already know.

The Angels and those who love you are here – waiting for you. When you want guidance in your personal life OR business, you seek words of wisdom outside yourself and your family and friends, and/or you want connection with those who have passed from physical form – they are here! They want to talk with you – whenever you are ready.

I relate what I do as being part of an Angelic relay tag team! You ask a question or raise a concern, or perhaps you just want to know what you need to know at this point in your life. I relay the message to the Angelic realm. They respond with voice, images, feelings, smells, words – and I relay the message back to you. Are you ready to talk with your guides, your Angels, your loved ones? Are you open to hearing what they want to tell you? Do you trust that they have your Highest Good as their only intent? Then you’re ready! So click on the button to receive your personal Angel Reading.

Angel Readings can be spontaneous and immediate, depending on the complexity – and how many of your Angels and guides have something to say to you! As a guideline, one question averages approximately 15 minutes.  For more complex readings, it is wise to plan on an hour session. I”m being led to suggest to you that you consider a series of Angel Reading sessions. Sometimes, they are telling me, you (humans) can only assimilate a certain amount of information and/or input from them. When you schedule a series of sessions, they are better able to offer you the wisdom they want to share with you, and you will be able to apply what they tell you over a longer period of time. To me, that is similar to a class – when you take a class, you learn and assimilate, and then you build on what you have learned in the earlier sessions. So it is with the Angel Readings.  They suggest weekly sessions for between 4 to 8 weeks. I am including special offers for those sessions.



Angelic Guidance Programs


Opening to Intuition – and Beyond  (Level 1)

This 6-week program includes:

  • Six (weekly) group Skype coaching sessions
  • A 1-hr group Angelic Guidance Reading
  • Private Facebook group for discussions and further lessons.
  • MP3 recordings of all sessions available for download.

What is covered in Level I?

  • Making way for Intuition (Let’s get intuition active and thriving – games and practices that encourage intuition)
  • Clearing chakras  (getting rid of gunk and cords)
  • Protection (Learning a variety of ways to protect yourself from unwanted influences)
  • Walking the mall (how to use your energies in crowded and uncomfortable situations)
  • Energy transformations (transforming negative and/or painful energy into positive healing energy)
  • Connecting with your Spirit Guide(s) and/or Power Animals

Opening To Intuition – and Beyond  (Level I)    Price: $750


Healing and Intuition (Level II)

The 6-week Level II program includes:

  • Weekly group phone sessions
  • A 1-hr group Angelic Guidance Reading
  • A 1-hr group Reiki training and healing session via phone
  • Once/month email access to answer questions, help you with a concern or project
  • Private Facebook group for discussions and further lessons
  • MP3 recordings of all sessions available for download.

What is covered in Level II?

  • Don’t you have to be “Psychic” to do energy healing?
  • How to channel healing energies – what happens and why
  • Why Reiki? Reiki 1 initiation and initial training
  • How to transform someone’s pain into healing – and NOT take it into yourself
  • Taking intuition to the next level
  • Journeying with your Spirit Guide(s)/Power Animals
  • MP3 recordings of all sessions available for download.

Healing and Intuition (Level II)       Price: $1000


Fine Tuning Your Connection to Spirit and the Angelic Realms (Level (III)

Level III is a 6-week program that includes:

  • Weekly group phone sessions
  • A 1-hr group Angelic Guidance Reading
  • A 1-hr group advanced Reiki training and healing session via phone
  • 1-hr private Angelic Guidance Coaching session/reading
  • Limited email access for advanced questions
  • Private Facebook group for discussions and further lessons
  • MP3 recordings of all sessions available for download.

What is covered in Level III?

  • Developing your special talents and how to utilize them for The Highest Good of All
  • Channeling your Spirit Guides with your peers and clients
  • Channeled readings for yourself
  • Reiki II initiation and training
  • Sessions will be individualized to the needs and desires of the group.

Fine Tuning Your Connection to Spirit and the Angelic Realms (Level III)     Price: $1500


Advanced Angelic Guidance (Level IV)

Advanced Angelic Guidance is a 6-week program that includes:

  • Once per week group phone sessions
  • A 1-hr group Angelic Guidance Reading
  • A 1-hr group advanced Reiki training and healing session via phone
  • 1-hr private Angelic Guidance Coaching session/reading
  • Unlimited email access for advanced questions
  • Private Facebook group for discussions and additional lessons
  • MP3 recordings of all sessions available for download.
  • Complimentary admission to the Angelic Guidance Live Conference (Held only once per year. Travel and lodging expenses are not included) Dates and location to follow.

Advanced Angelic Guidance (Level IV)       Price: $2500


Angelic Guidance Conferences II

The annual Angelic Guidance Conference is limited in size and for advanced students who have completed each of the four levels. It is an extraordinary time of connecting with each other and with Spirit and Angels. You will open to discoveries beyond those you have already made, Growing Your Soul to its highest potential.

During this conference, we will offer readings to each other and to the public, giving you the opportunity to spread your wings ever wider and to fly higher. There will be an evening presentation for the public as well as some “off the cuff” public readings during the daytime hours of the conference. This is truly a not-to-be-missed opportunity as you will have the opportunity to meet several well-known Intuitives and Readers who are excited to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Angelic Guidance Conference II     Price: $4500

(Lodging and conference admission for you and a partner included)



Annual Angelic Guidance Event

Connect with others who walk their talk and are Growing Their Souls. This is a weekend event is a time of excitement as you meet other teachers and practitioners who share their knowledge and experience with you. You will also have the opportunity to meet current students, who will be participating in an evening of readings – just for you. Event registration will be announced soon, so be sure to check back often (or subscribe to the rss feed so you will be up to date on all the exciting announcements!)

Annual Angelic Guidance Event                                   Event Registration: $195

Angelic Guidance Offerings

Angelic Guidance Offerings

Individual Readings and Angelic Guidance Sessions
Readings $35 (approx 15 minutes)  ($140/hr)

Inner Guidance System Training
(4-week training)

Angelic Guidance Programs

  • Opening to Intuition – and Beyond  (Level 1)
  • Healing and Intuition (Level II)
  • Fine Tuning Your Connection to Spirit and the Angelic Realms (Level III)
  • Advanced Angelic Guidance (Level IV)

Annual Angelic Guidance Event

Angelic Guidance Conference II (for advanced students)