Are You Truly Living In The Present?

Discovery of today: On my way to celebrate a friend’s anniversary, I realized that the only times I have been here now, totally present in the moment, have been times of being involved in some wonderful conversations.

Another such time was the winter I spent in a log cabin in the mountains of WA that my partner and I had built. I was alone with a dog and cat (a proven mouser) for that winter; melting snow for water (all water), doing medical transcription via 28-baud modem for a company in Utah, cutting and splitting wood for heat, shoveling steps into the snow to get from the car to the cabin; there I was present every moment.

Throughout the rest of my life, however, in my “everyday life,” whether employed, unemployed, vacationing, working – regardless – I cannot recall being totally present in the moment. Rather, it has been planning: what to do next to improve my income, or where to move, or … or…. or. Never a time of being able to say, every day, no matter what I was doing,”I AM here. I am present. I AM embracing my life in this moment, in every moment of every day.”

When I mentioned that to a couple people at the festivities today, their response was, “I KNOW!” I was stunned as I thought it was just me who was remiss in this. Abraham-Hicks came to mind (obviously) and I now have a glimpse of some of what they are sharing about being present; changing my belief, my moment. So it is with clear intent that I AM resting in the moment and totally enjoying it – no matter how rich or poor, no matter my health, no matter what. I AM committed to living in the moment, every moment, for the rest of my life.

What is your story about this?

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