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Angel and oracle card readings

are available via telephone, Skype, email and Facebook.(Scroll down to purchase a reading)

**Throughout the month of October, 2013, a portion of all readings will be donated to the Freedom and Empowerment Campaign (, helping victims of domestic violence throughout the world.

Angels are around us all the time. Some are the Angels you read about, the kind with wings. Some, however, are people you know and love who are no longer in physical form. There are animals, and some “angels” appear in a variety of ways in order to get their point across. One thing they all have in common, however, is a desire to let you know they love you and to encourage your growth. They WANT to help you succeed – in all areas of your life. Those who have passed over often have messages for you as well – that they are happy and doing well and/or something of import to share with you.

Angel readings and oracle card guidance help both in your personal life as well as with your business. Whatever decisions you are facing,  you gain insights and ideas you might not have considered otherwise. All readings are based in Love and come to you for your Highest Good and to help you achieve your highest potential.

You can choose whether to ask one question (basic reading) or an extended reading that offers more in-depth information. Or perhaps you would prefer a coaching session with Angelic Guidance. Whatever you choose, the Angels and oracles are prepared to answer your questions and offer guidance.

Once you have scheduled an Angel/oracle card reading, you will receive an email with instructions to submit your question(s)




I look forward to talking with you AND your Angels and loved ones.





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