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Never satisfied to sit behind a desk and do the “25 years for a gold watch,” I have lived life outside the box. At age 26, I left the safety of home in Boston and flew to Munich, Germany. I had a round trip ticket on Icelandic Airlines (do you remember them?) that was good for one year, the promise of a job and a place to live, and $50.00 in my pocket.

The hospital in Munich required proof that my credentials and licensing as an x-ray technician were equivalent to their standards. Training at Mass General Hospital in Boston had made me a bit of a snob in that regard, but eight weeks later I was approved and the paychecks started to come in. In the intervening eight weeks, however, my $50 was not sufficient for transportation, rent and food! I was fortunate to meet Nancy, another American, who took me under her wing and helped guide me through those initial weeks and months. Until “my ship came in” we ate our evening meal at Nancy’s one-room apartment in Munich. Those meals consisted of water heated in a hotpot, in which we boiled several eggs – then used that water for coffee. We added a semmel (like a Kaiser roll) with butter and jam – and that was our meal – for eight weeks!

I spent a total of five years in Germany before finally moving back to the States, where I traveled with a friend from New York to Boston, to Omaha, to Coos Bay, OR and finally ended up in Eugene, OR. It was in Eugene that I learned massage therapy and acquired my license. And it was in Eugene where I was gifted the technique I now call the Soul Body Blueprint© Method, a technique of reading the body. During that time, I wrote a book about the method: it was terrible – teenage romantic language that certainly wasn’t worth publishing – even though the case histories were (and are still) quite good. I taught classes in the technique in Eugene and Portland, OR. Because such gifts are usually given to several people at the same time, I chose to “let someone else do it” and left to seek my fortune in other ways.

Since that time, my experiences continued in varied areas. I became a Reiki Master, energy healer, magazine publisher, meditation instructor, dream group facilitator, teacher at a Vocational Technical School, hospital medical transcription supervisor, successful event coordinator, network marketing (Xocai Healthy Chocolate) and business coach. Over these years, I talked with Angels and Spirits – people who had passed on from this physical plane. This was “just something I did.” However, a year ago I moved back to the Eugene area and was told by the Angels that this is the work I am to do now; to offer Angel readings and to (finally) bring the Soul Body Blueprint© Method into full reality since, in these intervening years, no one had done so. No one wrote the book, no one is teaching it, and they want it to be given to everyone who wants to learn it.

Today, I have committed to Spirit to finally do the work I came here to do. I discovered Angels when I was 4-1/2 years old and it is the single thing that has brought me unconditional joy over the years. It’s time for me to stop wandering hither and yon, trying to avoid; it’s time to live the life I am meant to live and do the work I came here to do.

You will find all that information on my other pages: coaching, angel readings, Soul Body Blueprint© Method, and Women Creating Financial Power workshops. I look forward to working with YOU!


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