What You Feel Is What You Attract

Feelings... Oh! Oh! Oh! Feelings...

Do you sometimes feel like you collect a bunch of “stuff,” and sometimes even people, that you didn’t intend to collect and you don’t really want?

Remember the time you mentioned to your mother-in-law that you like turtles, and from then on, everyone you knew started giving you turtle “things?” You didn’t have any intention of collecting turtles when you mentioned this, did you? But all of a sudden you had this turtle collection – and what to do now? I mean, you like turtles and all, but not enough to collect them! But how do you say No to that? More to the point, how do you say you like something – without someone taking it that you want it in your house, on your wall, or even on your body? Ouch!

And what about the time you said you wanted a raise but felt it probably wouldn’t happen. It didn’t happen, did it? And another time, when you saw someone you thought was hot and you would like to meet that person, but then – they probably wouldn’t find you interesting – and you never got the chance to find out, did you?

These are living examples of how the Universe and the Law of Attraction really work! We jinx ourselves all the time, most of the time without even realizing it. We often do the same with people, money, relationships, jobs, etc. And we continue this “insane” practice throughout our lives, wondering why things don’t seem to work out the way we say we want them to. (Insane = doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result)

“Wait a minute!” you huff. “I practice the Law of Attraction and it still doesn’t work!” Really? Let’s take a closer look at that, but before we do, let’s look at a bigger and more common problem that is directly related.

We get the Golden Rule and the Law of Attraction
confused and mixed up.

The Golden Rule tells us to “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.” That’s garbage! It’s not only totally egocentric, it’s also backwards. Following this “rule,” we end up always doing things TO others the way WE want things done and end up frustrated because no one ever figures out what it is WE want – and because they don’t respond in the way WE want them to respond. Even the Universe can’t get it straight! Well, duh! Think about it for a quick second – Everyone else is so busy doing unto you what they want you to do unto them – they don’t even notice what you are doing, other than to notice you’re not doing it right! And you’re doing the same thing, aren’t you? You’re so busy doing unto them what YOU want that you don’t have time or energy to look and see what it is they are doing. It’s literally a vicious and unsatisfying circle that continues to go round and round.

Let’s turn this rule a bit sideways, just for kicks. Try changing the wording just a little to: “Do unto others what they would have you do unto them,” and we come up with an entirely different way of looking at things. All of a sudden, you have to start paying attention to what others are doing to and for you – and not think about how YOU want it done. I have to forget me for a bit and listen to – and actually look at and see the other person so I can figure out what it is they really want from me. How do they want me to respond to them, in what way? Do they want a response or do they just need me to listen? How do they want me to act that shows them I care? What words do they use so I can use those words to speak to them in their own language – which also shows them I care.

The wording makes a minor change that has a major impact on both of us; the one who makes the changes and the one who doesn’t. For the one who makes this minor adjustment to how they listen and act toward others, it can be completely life changing. For the people with whom they interact, it will also make a world of difference. It can change “He doesn’t care” to “He really does care, wow!” It changes “She never hears what I’m saying” to “She always seems to know exactly what I mean.”

Which would you rather feel? And which response would you rather have?

The Law of Attraction is something very different, although when you apply the “revised” Golden Rule along with the LOA, you have an unbeatable combination!

We’ll look at that in the next article.

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