The Law of Attraction And The Revised Golden Rule

The Law of Attraction (Photo by Jan Revell 2010)

I’m sure you have heard and read, like I have, that all you have to do is think of what you want and Boom! It appears like magic. When you try it out, though, you end up thinking something is wrong with you because it doesn’t work quite that easily. So it must be you, right? Wrong! There really IS more to it than that. Lots of people have written about how easy it is to practice the Law of Attraction and how rich they have become by using it, but too many of the gurus I’ve heard and read either gloss over the most important factor or they omit it altogether.

Remaining neutral in your emotions is great for Karma but not so great when you’re trying to use the Law of Attraction! Neutral means no movement, no action, and that’s not what anyone wants to “attract!” Usually, people use the Law of Attraction to get more money or improve relationships or increase business – none of which are neutral! So, let’s talk about feeeelings, shall we?

Teachers of the Law of Attraction always say: “What you put out is what you get back” and that is Oh, So True! And what you put out also impacts people around you – and you get back from them just what you’re sending out, so watch out! When I worked as an x-ray technician (now they’re called radiologic technologists) at Sacred Heart Hospital, there were approximately a dozen staff in the department at any given time. I worked swing shift (3-11 pm) so everyone was having a good or bad day well before I arrived. However, if I came to work in a bad mood, it didn’t make any difference how happy everyone was when I arrived, within fifteen minutes, every single person there was showing signs of heading into a bad mood! The opposite was also true: I could arrive in a great mood and soon everyone else was in a great mood, too! How I resented that! “They have no right to let their moods be impacted by my moods!” But it also made me realize just how susceptible people are to those of us who broadcast our emotions louder than others. At the time, I recognized that since I was the one who was aware of what was happening, I was also responsible for doing something about it! My solution was to hum. I would go around all day humming tunelessly in an attempt to cover up my bad mood. It worked! I was stunned the day one of the receptionists said to me, “You’re sure in a good mood today” (which I was certainly NOT) – all because I was protecting others from my own sour mood! What an eye opener that was!

So, if you are the type who blasts your emotions all over the place, it’s vital that you learn to protect others from your ugly moods … but to continue to shower them with love when you’re in a good mood! Even better is to learn to enjoy the good moods more and more, and to let go of, or neutralize the bad moods. Because – you really do get what you give. You attract and amplify whatever emotion you put out to the world.

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